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On Personal CCTV Systems

Recently we were asked about personal CCTV systems, what it meant and how you were to go about installing them. Especially if it meant you were covering somebody else’s property. Mostly if a system is installed on a rental property the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) needs to be informed. This is not the case, providing the system is installed privately.

If the land lord is a business, and they installed the CCTV, then they are required to inform the ICO. Therefore, if you personally installed the system onto your property, the ICO shouldn’t need to be informed.

“In 2014 Kathryn Wynn, senior associate at Pinsent Masons, said the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) had always taken the view that a camera on someone’s house was outside of the law.”

“The overarching concern is if you have two neighbours in dispute. One installs CCTV to capture their neighbour doing whatever they are complaining about. Causing the other to run off to the ICO and complain about use of the film,” she said. “The ICO will start to get pulled into domestic property disputes.” However, she emphasised that the ruling made it clear that footage of criminal activity could still be used.”

So where does this leave you?

When you set up your system, make the focus on your property. This may incidentally cover somebody else’s area, if this area is public a sign will need to be displayed. If the signage is 300mm x 300mm or larger you may require planning permission from your local council.

Quoted information referenced can be found here.

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